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Our priority remains community education where an adult is able to read the daily newspaper and is able to instill the study habit to a child.  

Basic education is in sorry state in the rural parts where we work. Established schools exist but study habits do not. Children need encouragement and support from families and the community.

This is difficult when parents do not understand what support is. We have started tuition centres in villages. This allows after school care where children can get the help of tutors.

The other advantage is that in a group, the study habit is easier to foster.

Our poster boy for education is Prabir Kumar.

We have supported Prabir since school days. He had given up education and was resigned to a life of labour with his father. We believed in him and he made good this belief when he graduated with a Masters in Computer Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in July2008.

We remain committed in increasing our reach in community education through tuition centres in villages, annual prize giving for students graduating school final exams in our village districts and the sponsorship of students who give up education due to a lack of funds.

Tell me... is it acceptable that a country that sponsors a F1 racing team has children who want to study but are unable because they cannot afford it?

While I love the F1, i cannot accept the fact that little children are not given the opportunity to learn how to read.

 Let us then change this…now! Educate every child that you know who cannot read…anywhere in this world.


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