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Isonfund Trust,

This is a Registered Charity Organisation, based in Kolkata.

My reason for setting it up is that i could not find an organisation which could deliver unpretentious help to the needy- without huge administrative charges, without religious or political affiliations.

I want to help women and children in health and education so that they can be independent and not turn to the flesh trade for survival. For that i believe a little bit of literacy, good health and a full stomach is the first step.

Since 2000 June, with the help of friends and well wishers we have been able to start

5 rural clinics,

Support 15 children in a home where they lead a healthy and happy life.  

We have also sponsored children in obtaining operations and medical attention,

Students with school fees and books.

We also have a monthly mother and child day held in different villages where doctors and social workers help to educate and advise mothers and women.

My next step would be to open mother and child centres in villages where women can turn to for advice and basic treatment for needs that they are unable or unwilling to get from normal clinics (predominantly male doctors). Villages interested in the programme would provide eligible women for training and running these centres.

My biggest obstacle thus far has been in getting required permission from the Indian Government in raising and bringing in funds. Hence I still have to collect money in my name and transfer to the Isonfund account in India . When the paperwork is settled money can be raised in the name of the fund and bigger projects like the one above can be pursued. Accounts are kept in strict accordance to Foreign Exchange rules in India and certified by an accountant.  

My fund-raising is dependent on people like you who show interest and make a regular or one time donation.

A website keeps members abreast of developments.

I am confident that patience and persistence will eventually bring the required paperwork from the Government to help me pursue and expand ISONFUND TRUST and its ideals .

I thank you for your kind support.

indranil ray chaudhury


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