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The first clinic opened in 2003 in Ghatmura village Midnapore District WestBengal about 5Hr drive from Kolkata. Today we have 8 clinics in the following villages:

1. Ghatmura (first clinic)
2. Agra (the village NOT where Taj Mahal is...)

4. Kadra
5. Bhula
6. Organja
7. Bila
8. Nohari

Prior to this initiative only Ghatmura village had a monthly medical camp. City doctors set up the monthly camp and patients came from all the surrounding villages to attend. While it was very effective in detecting diseases it could not maintain the regular care that patients required.

Our clinics- held on weekends see 50-100 patients at each sitting.

Each village has a dedicated doctor and serves the clinic at a discounted rate. Each doctor is assisted by 2 attendants.

Medicine is procured from a pharmacy in the nearest town.

Isonfund pays the doctor, his attendants and the clinic against their monthly bill.  

The village collects RS2 (US 0.04) from each patient per visit. There is a certain significance to this fees. Initially when free medicine was distributed, it was often thrown away as free medicine was not trusted. The fees add dignity..

The money collected from the fees is used for maintenance of the clinics.  

When a patient is identified to be suffering from an ailment that is severe, she/he will be considered for city based medical care. Such care will be offered on a case-by-case basis.   

To start a clinic.

1. Show data of potential patients number should be approximately 50 and above every week. A count of the number of villagers who have been ill and seen a doctor in the last 2 months is good data.

2. Identify a clean, dry, sheltered area. It must be available for use every weekend for at least 6 hrs.

3. Get written agreement from a Homeopathy certified doctor to attend the clinic on weekends at an agreeable fee. Contact nearest village with clinic for contacts.

4. Identify 1 or 2 attendants to assist doctor in duties.

5. Agreement with chemist / pharmacy to supply monthly medicine. Payment will be made monthly by Isonfund against monthly bill.  

To personally sponsor a clinic. (Updated Sep08)

It costs approximately SGD 1000 to support a clinic for a year.


SGD 83.33 | USD 58.34 | Euro 40.30

The process to start a clinic is simple. Any village can approach us to start one. The village committee is responsible for the running of daily affairs and keeping accounts of finance and patient data.

You can drop by and review this data. It shows interesting snapshots.

For e.g.

1. Infant and children related ailments malnutrition related or water related.

2. Attention paid to male and female child.

3. Women related diseases related to poor hygiene.

Data from these records allowed us to identify Kusumdahari for our Hygiene Project.


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