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There are 83 homes in this village. 3 have their own toilets. The rest go to the fields for their physiological needs. There is 1 tube-well which provides drinking water. The rest of the wells are not deep enough to provide clean and safe water.

The village was selected because our data showed the highest number of stomach related ailments. This is a result of contamination of water from human waste.

The village has a population of approximately 450 and is part of a scheduled tribe. The village is a 5 hour drive from Kolkata. The forest surrounding the village provides a supplementary income to the mostly labour population.

The plan became a reality on 16Aug08 when the project was inaugurated. A simple UNICEF design was adopted.

Waste will be deposited in a 5 feet pit dug into the ground and covered with a concrete slab. After the pit fills in approximately 6 years a second pit is utilized. The first pit is left alone for nature to disinfect and turn the waste into soil.

Guidelines are set to mark specific distances from any water body to avoid contamination.

ISONFUND is providing funding for the entire project through our sponsor “The Banerjee family”.

A sample toilet was built to estimate the requirement for the project. Material suppliers from a nearby town have been selected through a simple ‘best price’ method. Labour is provided by the village. 5 artisans will work on the entire project while each home will provide the labour to dig the pit in their home.

The project is aimed for completion end November2008.

Excitement and anticipation aside, the villagers look forward to a time when snakebites, leaches and monsoon floods will not be defining factor when nature calls.


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