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education & shelter for children - 2002

ISON sponsored 16 children. Two boys aged 4 and 14 are housed in a boys home in Dum Dum Calcutta. 14 girls are housed separately in a home in a suburb called Gobindapur. Both these homes are run by an organization called OFFER.

All the children attend schools and a dedicated team of professionals carefully attends to their health both physical and mental.

Most of these children are from the streets. Only a few know their parents. Now they have a new family and with it-love.

We plan to sponsor them up-to the age of 18 in a normal educational environment. After that we will take the advise of their teachers and seek their own opinions to either sponsor them in further education or a suitable vocational training. The goal is to return them to society as confident and economically viable young adults.

Madhumita Saha is 14. Before she came into our program, she used to sell cigarettes at a "place of ill repute". She is now attending primary 4 at Coshipore School in Calcutta. She has done us proud by coming in first in her class for the mid term exams (2002). We will continually update you on her progress.

Our Sponsored children with their teacher & a friend Madhumita Saha


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