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rural clinics - 2002

This was our first project in a remote area and kicked off our Isonfund Clinics project. The village of Ghatmura is about 150 km from Calcutta. On the edge of a forest, this village often has to deal with rummaging wild elephants. Ison has opened a clinic in this village. The clinic operates every Saturday and caters to the 150 odd families in the village and from other villages nearby.

Each patient is charged a nominal sum of two rupees (necessary to build a perception of trust and value of the medicines). Ison pays the doctor, his attendant and for all the medicine. While malnutrition and hygiene remains a problem at least the people here get medical aid without having to travel miles to the nearest town to see a doctor they cannot afford.

Three neighbouring villages have approached us in funding similar clinics. 


Ghatmura Village
Queuing up to see the doctor Our Doctor & a Patient


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