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April 2010

Dear Friends, 

This update comes after quite a long break. Apart from an update, this message is also special as it comes exactly 10 years from the time Isonfund (In Service Of the Needy) was born. 10 years ago Captain Elmo and Dil Jayawardena set me on my tracks and in April 2000, my friends Pradeep Kumar and Ajay Bhattacharya gave me $150 each and told me to go forth and do what we had been talking about. While it is impossible to mention all your names here, each and everyone of you who is receiving this mail has played an essential role in this first decade. Thank you.

Our work done (details in 


Clinics (ongoing) 

8 clinics in the villages of Ghatmura, Agra, KusumDahari, Bhula, Organza, Bila, Nohari, Kadra.


Sanitation (ongoing) 

KusumDahari - 83 individual toilets completed Ghatmura - 60 individual toilets completed Bila - 50 individual toilets ongoing


Education (ongoing) 

1 MSc Graduate from IIT in Computer Science - completed 

1 BSc in Business - ongoing 1 Medical / Maths student starting next school year. 

Prize distribution to all successful school and high school graduants in a district.


Medical (Ad hoc) 

First successful hole in the heart surgery child 9 years ago - Ankita had a successful Operation and is healthy and well now. 

2009 saw us losing our first patient- a 17 year old boy to liver ailment. The family, community and Isonfund tried but sometimes it is not meant to be. 

We will continue to help children and deserving patients whenever we can.


Community Assistance (Adhoc) 

  1. Helping a farmer set up a chicken farm in 2008. Successful. He is returning the principal sum in 2010.

  2. Helping village ladies with buying sewing machines to make plates and bowls with leaves collected from the forest. 

  3. Tsunami 2004 Assistance - Approximately SGD 4000 raised and physical assistance provided in Nagapattanam in Southern India. 

  4. Buying sweaters for students in rural schools. 

  5. Providing blankets and clothes to rural villages.


Isonfund has won 2 accolades in India for our work with the poor. We can do more. The next 10 years will see a different type of a needy person in India. One who has been left behind in the heady economic boom. They will not be in the rural areas but rather in the city.

I seek your support in allowing me to continue connecting the haves and have nots. 

Once again i give you my word that every cent will go to assist those who most require it.


Please make your donations to "Isonfund Trust" Any amount or currency is accepted. Please send them to: indranil ray chaudhury, 12 Flora Road, #02-04, Azalea Park, Singapore-509730.


I'm also available to visit and present the ISON story to anyone or organisation anywhere in the world in the hope of spreading the anti-poverty message. 

You are essential in spreading the message. 

Please write to me and tell me we will make the next 10 years count.


indranil ray chaudhury (96953724) 


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